Kate English Companion Extraordinaire

Effortlessly Sensual

I am a unique experience, an elegant, exquisite and exclusive lady. I am graceful, impeccably dressed and well spoken. I offer the ultimate girlfriend experience because I know who I am and what you want.

I am a mature woman, entirely content and at ease to be at this stage of life. Time has refined me, improved me and taught me a great deal. If you're counting, I have reached fabulous forty. So I am naturally drawn towards the successful mature man whose self-confidence will trigger my femininity, sexuality and energy. 

My appearance is something I take pride in. Wherever we meet, in an art gallery, a fine dinning restaurant, or your upscale hotel, I am always impeccably dressed for the occasion. I have a range of chic outfits and designer lingerie to choose from, depending on your needs and desires. 


Wherever we go, you will be totally comfortable for us to be seen together. Physically statuesque at 5'10" tall in my stockings, I cut an elegant and feminine figure. So let me know what heel height to wear so that we can at least start by looking deeply into each others eyes.

Although we have yet to meet, my maturity knows exactly how to describe you - distinguished, funny, intelligent, flexible, affluent, erotic and enthusiastic. And you appreciate womanhood. And in return, how to describe me? Easy - I am the curvaceous sexy woman a grown man wants to be with.


Believe me I really am the woman you always dreamed of. An intoxicating, exciting, heady, addictive cocktail of elegance, excitement, eroticism, unpredictability and ecstasy. You will be left breathless. You will be fulfilled.




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