Kate English Companion Extraordinaire

Be creative!

As a modern courtesan my companionship requires compensation. Both of us understand this. Since discussions of money, time and menus can be tedious, allow me to indicate how a gentleman should value our time together in London. 

Say Hello - 90 minutes: 500 GBP

A touch extra! - 2 hours: 600 GBP

Come closer - 3 hours: 700 GBP

Get-to Know me - 4 hours: 800 GBP

Feeling hungry? Dinner - 5 hours: 1000 GBP

Can't put me down! Overnight - 17 hours: 2000 GBP

Let's explore together. Weekend - 48 hours: 3000 GBP

The world is our oyster! A week - 168 hours: 6000 GBP

However I adore surprises, be creative, be positive and be generou. These qualities produce the most astonishing gratitude, and believe me, I know how to show I'm grateful. 






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