Kate English Companion Extraordinaire

Be creative!

As a modern courtesan my companionship requires compensation. Both of us understand this. Since discussions of money, time and menus can be tedious, allow me to indicate how a gentleman should value our time together in the most exclusive part of London. 

These are ideas and suggestions; we can confirm the details by email as the excitement builds towards the date.


I find that a get-to-know me drink at my private apartment in Notting Hill, or one of my favourite haunts is a great ice-breaker, the experience begins at 600 GBP for two hours.


A lunch date or an intimate meeting of around three hours can be great fun. A gift of at least 700 GBP is the minimum.


As for dinner date’s, they usually drift on for longer and so 800 GBP is a good place to start.


If you would like dinner to prolong to breakfast, the classic 'Kate English' experience, then you would need to start the bidding at 1500 GPB


However, I adore surprises, be creative, be positive and be generous. These qualities produce the most astonishing gratitude and, believe me, I know how to show I'm grateful. Absolute discretion and a totally trouble free environment come as standard. These are equally as important to me as to you.

Please always ask about other time frames and destinations.




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