Kate English Companion Extraordinaire

For a life less ordinary

The world is our oyster! I am free to join you on journeys of discovery worldwide. I am accustomed to popping onto a plane and flying whenever requested. My mission is to enjoy the good life in the company of the gentleman I have chosen to accompany. I love and embrace international travel. I get a kick from entertaining intelligent, powerful and successful men and, believe me, the feeling is very much mutual. 

If your looking for the ultimate travel companion - then search no further. I hold a British passport and am available for intimate and discreet liaison's worldwide. Advance notice of at least 7 days is to be expected for an international encounter. I will require a 50% deposit and my travel expenses paid in advance either by western union or bank transfer.
* Please contact me to discuss your bespoke companion extraordinaire experience. 

Catch me if you can! 

From time to time to keep my life exciting and satisfy my desire for knowledge I arrange international trips myself. These permit shorter trysts. The allure of a new land is a sweet temptation and I thrive in distant cities. The best part of being an intimate companion is meeting new people from all over the world, it teaches me more about pleasure, desire and seduction - and that’s why international travel is a big part of my life. In 2018 I will be travelling to the most desirable cities in Europe, America, and the Far East; let’s hope the world is ready for me!

Please email me for updates on my travel schedule. 




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