Kate English Companion Extraordinaire

How I understand

If you are looking for that special lady - for a discreet, romantic dinner date, to accompany you to a special event, or as an intimate travel companion - search no further.

I understand how being a gentleman's companion is so much more than just my physical attributes. Its the intangibles. My desire, responsibility and self confidence to be able to connect intimately with you on both a physical and mental level.  


Although we have yet to meet, my maturity knows exactly how to describe you - distinguished, funny, intelligent, flexible, affluent, erotic and enthusiastic. And you appreciate womanhood. And in return, how to describe me? Easy - I am the curvaceous sexy woman a grown man wants to be with.


We can spend our time as you like; I have a chameleon’s ability to fit in. Be creative! Life's simple things can be as much fun as its finer ones. The trick is to be in the right company. I can help with that.

Any and all social contexts are handled with ease, deportment and elegance. Intelligent conversation is the essence of any successful encounter. Be ready for wide ranging, informed and provocative discussions, it turns me on..






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