Kate English Companion Extraordinaire

Delicious Dominance

Introducing the deliciously wicked Countess Kate.


I have a kinky sense of pleasure coupled with a wide range of skills all topped by an honest approach and based on raising the levels of your enjoyment. I am an ideal stepping stone for the curious and those that are dying to experiment in kinky play but don’t know how far to go. Let me show you: I have the right mixture of kinky pleasure mingled with tingling torment.

This is an opportunity for you to fulfil those deepest fetish fantasies, kinky desires and release your suppressed, wild side. There are few barriers to what we can achieve together - I will guide you through levels of erotic pleasure and ecstasy, turning our date into a delicious cocktail of titillating sensations. This  is not just a kinky event, its a journey of the mind and the senses.


I will take control. And believe me, as a woman who has served in the corporate environment, I know what it means to take control! Having a successful man under my power is an added turn on. I will flaunt and flirt my feminine wiles to the maximum. My vast collection of rubber catsuits, waist-clinching corsets, exquisite lingerie, thigh-high boots and stiletto high heels will heighten your experience.


This is domination with a difference. I will push your boundaries, build your excitement and stretch your imagination. Combining the slightly wicked with the sensual, I cover a range of erotic and fetish practices including role play, light bondage, and sensory exploration. You will be driven wild by my verbal skills and fetish techniques before I even lay a hand on you, and that's the difference.

I will most definitely lay hands on you!



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