Kate English Companion Extraordinaire

Words have power

I am happy to share some of my thoughts with you. If you have a question or concern that I have not mentioned below then please contact me and I will respond to you privately.


Q: Do you enjoy what you do?

A: Absolutely. I live this way of life because iI love it.


Q: Wow - Are the photos really you? 

A: Yes - the majority of my photos were taken in December 2017 and a selective few in August 2016. I believe they represent me accurately at this time. I am often kindly told that my photos do not do me justice, and I am confident that you will be pleased with my appearance in person. Specially-selected photos of me are available for your enjoyment in my VIP private members’ area. Please take a look!


Q: What type of gentleman do you like to meet?
A: I prefer to meet gentleman with impeccable taste, integrity and respect, and who are prepared to stimulate all my pulse points! I particularly like world travellers; gentlemen who are knowledgeable and possessed of an insatiable curiosity about the world and its memorable diversity.


Q: What experiences do you offer?
A: I am an experience! A gifted companion ready to be your ultimate girlfriend experience, no more no less. I want our date to be stimulating, passionate and memorable and I expect to enjoy it to the full. I like to build relationships that are based on a genuine connection so that we both look forward to seeing one another again and again with eager anticipation. I will be here when you want me, and absent when you don’t.


Q: What is your ideal date?
A: I adore being wined and dined;

A romantic dinner for two 

In a place with a view 

A stroll in the moonlight 

Only with you 

A naughty nightcap 

In my favourite bar 

Then back to the Dorchester 

In a fire red car

Q: What are your favourite gifts?
A: Oh, I really prefer a Bentley to a Rolls Royce, but so long as it can comfortably fit into my garage I'm happy. 


Q: What is your dress code on a date? 

A: I am always impeccably dressed for the occasion. I will never appear indiscreet or dressed inappropriately. My personal style of dress is elegant and sophisticated, with light makeup. I have a range of chic outfits and designer lingerie to choose from, depending on your needs and desires. If you have a particular preference on my appearance then please always ask.


Q: What type of cuisine do you like?

I’m a foodie - I haven’t yet found a cuisine or food that I don’t like.  

Q: Do you expect a gift?

A: Every lady loves a gift, and I am certainly no exception. Receiving a nice surprise from you is a wonderful way to begin our time together. However they are never required. If you would like to bring a gift then I adore lingerie, perfume, flowers and dark chocolates. The most appreciated gift is to see you coming back for another liaison.  


Q: Where can I meet you?
A: Worldwide, by appointment.
From time to time I arrange international trips myself. My favourite and most frequented destinations are: Europe, the US and the Far East. Please keep an eye on my TRAVEL page and join my mailing list for regular updates on my travel schedule. 


Q: Do you entertain gentlemen at your London home?
A: Yes I do. I am happy to welcome prospective friends at my private apartment in Notting Hill, the most exclusive part of London. It's upmarket, spacious, discreet and beautifully furnished. An ideal place to unwind and relax.
Conveniently located, only a five minute walk from Notting Hill Gate underground train station. 


Q: Where can I read feedback about you?
A: Discretion is mandatory. These qualities are equally important to me as they are to you. I have a NO graphic review policy. The gentlemen I meet are true gentlemen, who respect the privacy of others. The practice of revealing private details in a public forum greatly compromises the discretion assumed in all potential relationships. I assure you I would never share graphic details regarding our time together with anyone else, and I expect the same courtesy in return.


Q: What is your schedule? 

A: I am available by advance appointment only - the more advance notice provided, the greater the chance that I will be available to meet you as requested.


Q: Are your rates negotiable?

A: Unfortunately not. If they are not acceptable to you, I do appreciate your interest in me but I kindly ask that you search elsewhere for a companion extraordinaire. 


Q: Why are your rates so high?

A: I am a discerning lady who restricts herself to a few selected habitué. My rates allow me to be as selective as you are. The value is apparent, as I remain quite in demand at these rates.


Q: How best to reach you?

A: I prefer and strongly encourage first contact via email. However I am totally happy to converse via all communicational medium and social media. Be warned I do not respond to inept and clumsy worded messages or emails.


Q: Do you know the deliciously kinky Countess Kate?
A: Yes. She is a statuesque beauty with brains! A heady combination. You must meet her!

Q: Dare I ask - Are you a BI-sexual? 

A: Haha yes, it doubles my chances for a date on a Saturday night! 



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